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Polenta and Mushrooms


The vegan food industry is expected to reach
$91.9 billion by 2027.  

Restaurants that want to stay ahead will need to continue to offer better-tasting, healthier alternatives that allow consumers to make a choice that’s right for them … and their taste buds.
– National Restaurant Association

Adding vegan options to your menu is the most inclusive choice you can offer your customers. Vegans, vegetarians, those who avoid dairy or eggs,  “flexitarians,” plant-based lovers, and those interested in trying creative food experiences all benefit from clearly marked plant-based menu items. And so will your profit margins. 

Learn how to create delicious plant-based, vegan friendly dishes that reduce food waste and increase sales

 Ensure your staff is well-trained in food safety protocols and can confidently respond to customer dietary requests

Successfully position your business as a destination for people who are looking for plant-based and vegan options and watch your sales grow. 

Schedule a Free Strategy Consultation today!

Discover how you can confidently accommodate an increasing number of guests with special dietary requests, receive more positive customer feedback, and become a leader in the fast-growing vegan market.

Vegan hospitality consultant, trained vegan chef, and former restaurant owner... at your service. 

With over 30 years of experience, I offer full-service consultations that include: evaluating your current menu to  efficiently incorporate new plant-based menu options; creating new and delicious vegan recipes to expand your menu options; menu-writing and labeling; kitchen and front-of-the-house training to ensure success of new menu options; and tips to make sure menu changes are both sustainable and profitable. 

Vegan Dessert
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