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Vegan Foods

Are you ready to add plant-based cooking
to your home or restaurant kitchen?

 If you want to learn how to cook, serve, and eat delicious, healthy
plant-based foods, you've come to the right place.  

Fresh Vegetables

Restaurants &
Food Businesses

The world of food service is changing rapidly.  An increasing number of customers dining out or purchasing prepared foods want their dietary preferences accommodated. Providing clearly marked vegan options is the most profitable, sustainable, and inclusive way to welcome these customers.

Individual Classes & Coaching

 Whether you're ready to make the leap to veganism or want help crafting a more plant-forward lifestyle, I'm passionate about working with people to achieve their goals for wellness and health. I offer in-person classes through BARN on Bainbridge Island, online classes, and private coaching. 

Shifting to a plant-based diet is a sustainable, health-promoting option that heals people and our planet.
Let me help you make the shift.

Always trying to create complex recipes that consumed so much of my time and endless ingredients, Nancy freed my time and wiped away my frustration by teaching me how to meal prep in-season foods that I can put together in endless combinations through out the week, adjusting our meals based on the ebb and flow of our week. Plant based and simple has made all the difference. - Virginia R.  


​As a lifelong learner of cooking, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, Nancy constantly enriches my life. - Margery

We feel incredibly lucky to have found Nancy, not only is all of her food absolutely delicious, nutritious and nourishing, but Nancy has also been there for us as we have navigated some challenging dietary requirements. I honestly don't know how we would have got through these challenges without her, she is the best and we are incredibly grateful to her for everything she does. -Lucy

Nancy is a magical alchemist of vegetarian cuisine! -John 

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